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  February 2016
New Arrivals + restocks  VINYL
LP's (NEW)
ac/dc rock or bust lp $23.99 
the admiral sir cloudsley shovell-check em before you wreck em lp
agnostic front-Victim in Pain lp $14.99
agnostic front-the american dream died lp $15.99
  gg allin-hated in the nation pic disc $18.99
gg allin-freaks faggots drunks and junkies lp $17.99
bad brains-s/t lp $14.99
      Bad Brains Live LP $12.99
      black flag-damaged lp $17.99
       bolt thrower-in battle there is no law lp $27.99
  bolt thrower-those once loyal lp $19.99
candlemass-epicus doomus metallicus lp $22.99
     candlemass-ancient dreams 2lp $28.99
candlemass-tales of creation lp $23.99
cannibal corpse-kill-picture disc lp $20.99
    Captain Beyond-live in tx 1973 $27.99
carcass-surgical steel lp $19.99
the casualties-die hards $13.99
the casualties-on the front line lp $13.99
         circle jerks-wild in the streets lp $14.99
circle jerks-gig lp n$15.99
danzig-skeletons lp $29.99
  death-leprosy lp $17.99
the dicks -hate the police 45 (repress) $7.99
dio-holy diver live 3lp red vinyl $29.99
dio-tribute this is your lfe lp $26.99
discharge -hear nothing see nothing say nothing lp $13.99
discharge-why 12"  $10.99
d.r.i.-crossover LP $17.99
  exodus-blood in, blood out lp $23.99
exploited-punk at leeds 83 lp $17.99
evil invaders-Pulses of Pleasure lp $17.99
foo fighters-sonic highways lp $17.99
gang green-another waster night lp $14.99
    g.b.h -showplace dover NJ 1983 lp $21.99
      ghost-if you have ghost  ep$11.99
ghost B.C. -Meloria lp $23.99
girlschool-glasgow 1982 (purple vinyl) $21.99
       grave digger-5 lp pack $74.99
gruesome-savage land lp $17.99
  holy moses-refined mayhem lp $22.99
incantation-onward to golgotha lp $18.99
    iron maiden-en vivo lp $34.99
iron maiden-s/t lp $18.99
iron maiden-killers lp $18.99
Iron maiden-the book of souls $31.99
joy division-closer lp $18.99
joy division=live preston 2lp $25.99
judas priest-stained class-mobile fidelity lp $25.99
judas priest-killing machine-mobile fidelity lp$25.99
judas priest-screaming for vengeance-mobile fidelity lp $25.99
    judge-what it meant 2lp $18.99
bb king-live at the Regal lp $17.99
king diamond -conspiracy lp $21.99
king diamond abigail live in concert lp $21.99
king diamond -them lp $23.99
    kyuss-wretch lp $23.99
kyuss-and the circus leaves town lp $18.99
kyuss-sky valley lp $18.99
led zeppelin-2 LP $23.99
led zeppelin-led zep 3 lp $23.99
led zeppelin led zep 3 lp (2lp) $33.99
    manowar-sign of the hammer lp $22.99
bob marley-live lp $23.99
mercyful fate-return of the Vampire lp $21.99
mercyful fate-the beginning lp$21.99
    mercyful fate -melissa lp $21.99
  metallica-master of puppets lp $18.99
      minor threat-out of step 12" $13.99
minutemen-buzz or howl lp $15.99
misfits-beware 45 (colored) $7.99
misfits-bullet 45 (colored) $7.99
misfits-cough cool 45 $7.99
misfits-walk among us lp $17.99
        misfits-die die my darling 12" $9.99
misfits-legacy of brutality lp $12.99
misfits-evillive lp $12.99
misfits-earth A.D. $12.99
misfits-static age lp $12.99
motorhead-bad magic lp $19.99
      motorhead-aftershock lp $19.99
  motorhead-ace of spades lp 180g $17.99
motorhead-bomber lp $18.99
motorhead-overkill lp $18.99
motorhead-iron fist lp $18.99
motorhead-orgasmatron lp $18.99
      Motorhead-The World Is Ours live 2 lp$18.99
  Night Demon-Curse of The Damned lp $21.99
nirvana-bleach lp $15.99
nirvana-live at reading 2lp $26.99
nirvana-live in Argentina 94 2lp $27.99
  nuclear assault-game over lp $25.99
    nuclear assault -live at hammersmith lp$21.99
obituary-slowly we rot lp $22.99
off-s/t lp $14.99
      pentagram-allyour sins 2dvd$17.99
      Pentagram-Last Rites LP (US Pressing) $19.99
  pentagram-relentless lp $23.99
pentagram-when the screams come 2lp $35.99
pentagram-curious volume lp $27.99
        poison idea-kings of punk lp $14.99
raven-extermination 2lp $25.99
razor-armed and dangerous ep (repress)17.99
       lou reed-rock n roll animal lp $17.99
rolling stones -live 1971 $23.99
rolling stones-sticky fingers $23.99
the runaways live at the starwood lp$19.99
sabaton-carolus rex lp $15.99
sabaton-Heroes lp $17.99
sabaton-swedish empire live 2lp $19.99
sabaton-the art of war re armed $19.99
sabaton-coat of arms $15.99
           Saint Vitus-Lillie F-65 LP  $17.99
saint vitus-hallows victim lp $12.99
saint vitus-the walking dead ep $11.99
saint vitus-thirsty and miserable ep $11.99
saxon-s/t lp (PIC DISC) $17.99
  saxon-sacrifice lp $15.99
saxon-unplugged and strung up lp $18.99
saxon-denim and leather 2lp $25.99
sepultura-beneath the remains lp $21.99
slayer-repentless lp $23.99
    slayer-reign in blood lp $23.99
slayer-undisputed attitude lp $22.99
slayer-live undead lp $23.99
sodom-agent orange 2lp $23.99
      sodom-epitome of torture l2lp $21.99
    trouble-simple mind condition lp $19.99
twilight of the gods= lp $19.99
u.d.o.-navy metal night  3lp $23.99
u.d.o.-steelhammerlive in Moscow 3lp red vinyl $23.99
uncle acid and the deadbeats-bloodlust picture disc lp $21.99
unleashed-dawn of the nine lp $15.99
      varukers -Live In Leeds 1984 lp $12.99
venom-black metal lp $17.99
  venom-at war with satan 2lp $25.99
vicious rumors-electric lp $25.99
    watain-the wild hunt 2lp $20.99
  youth of today-break down the walls lp $1599
frank zappa and the mothers of invention-Freak Out 2lp $27.99
frank zappa- roxy and elsewhere 2lp  $27.99
Frank zappa overnight sensation lp $24.99
  frank zappa-uncle meat $27.99
              zz Top-Fandango lp (180g vinyl)$14.99 $

CD's(NEW ARRIVALS and some restocks/reissues 3/2014
Accept-Stalingrad cd $14.99
The Adolescents-live at the house of blues cd/dvd $14.99
agnostic front-Victim in Pain cd $12.99
airbourne-Running Wild cd $12.99
airbourne-Black dog barking cd $11.99
gg allin-hated in the nation cd $12.99
Angelwitch-As Above , So below CD $13.99
anthrax-spreading the disease cd $6.99
anthrax-state of euphoria cd $6.99
     bathory-blood fire death cd $11.99
Black Sabbath-Paranoid cd $6.99
Black Sabbath -Volume 4 cd $5.99
b'last-the power of expression cd $10.99
b'last-it's in my blood cd $10.99
b'last-blood cd $10.99
  blue cheer-vincebus eruptum cd $6.99
Blue Cheer-History of... cd $5.99
blue oyster cult-s/t cd $6.99
blue oyster cult-tyranny and mutation cd $6.99
blue oyster cult-secret treaties cd $6.99
blue oyster cult-spectres cd $6.99
Blood Ceremony -Living With The Ancients Cd $13.99
bolt thrower-mercenary cd $11.99
bolt thrower-those once loyal cd $11.99
Bolt Thrower -Warmaster CD $11.99
david bowie-Blackstar cd $13.99
david bowie-pin ups cd $13.99
broken bones F.O.A.D. cd $11.99
broken bones Fuck you and all you stand for cd $8.99
budgie-power supplycd $20.99
  Budgie-never turn your back on a friend cd$21.99
  budgie-bandolier cd(import) $21.99
budgie-If I were brittannia CD(import) $21.99
  budgie-BBC Recordings 2 cd(import) $22.99
budgie-radio sessions 1974-1978 2 cd22.99
bulldozer-neurospirit live cd/dvd $17.99
bulldozer-the final seperation cd $15.99
bullet-storm of blades cd $14.99
bullet-full pull cd $7.99
    Candlemass Psalms CD $13.99
Cannibal Corpse-Torture Cd $13.99
Cannibal Corpse-Vile cd w DVD $15.99
carcass-reek of putrefaction cd $14.99
cathedral-the last spire cd $13.99
  Cathedral-Anniversary (Live) 2 cd $15.99
cauldron-tomorrows lost cd $13.99
church of misery-thy kingdom scum cd $12.99
    Cirith Ungol-Servants Of Chaos 2 cd /dvd $1$15.99
alice cooper-love it to death cd $6.99
alice cooper-billion dollar babies cd $6.99
crescent shield-the last of my kind cd $12.99
crescent shield-stars cd /DVD $17.99
crossfire-see you in hell cd $10.99
crossfire -second attack cd $10.99
cynic-focus cd $12.99
dark angel-darkness descends cd $17.99
darkthrone-soulside journey cd $11.99
darkthrone-the underground resistance cd$14.99
darkthrone-the cult is alive cd $11.99
  darkthrone-introducing Darkthrone 2 cd $10.99
death angel-the dream calls for blood cd/dvd$16.99
  death-Spiritual healing 2 cd $12.99
death-sound of perserverance cd $13.99
death-individual thought patterns cd $14.99
death ss-the story of cd $19.99
death ss-the cursed concert cd $19.99
death ss-heavy demons cd $19.99
death ss =Black mass cd $19.99
death ss -in the death of steve Sylvester cd $19.99
deicide-s/t cd $9.99
  destruction-Sentence of Death/infernal overkill cd $11.99
destruction-Live without sense $11.99
  devo-duty now for the future cd $7.99
devo-new Traditionalists cd $7.99
  diamond head-best of cd $9.99
diamond head-lightning to the nations 2 cd $21.99
the dictators manifest destiny/Bloodbrothers 2 on one cd $14.99
the dicatators-go girl crazy cd $6.99
dio-holy diver 2 cd special edition $27.99
Magica-deluxe edition 2 cd $15.99
dio-finding the sacred heart live 2 cd $15.99
dio-last in line 2 cd special edition $27.99
dio-lock up the wolves cd $5.99
    dio-Live at Donnington 2cd $15.99
discharge-hear nothing, see nothing cd $12.99
discharge-beginning of the end cd $9.99
dissection-storm of the lights bane 2 cd $14.99
dream theater-the astonishing 2 cd $19.99
dust -st/hard attack cd $12.99
     electric wizard-dopethrone cd $17.99
electric wizard-black mass cd 13.99
Electric Wizard-Witchcult Today cd $13.99 
Elf-Elf CD (DIO) $6.99
  entombed-clandestine cd $14.99
esoteric-Paragon of Dissonance 2 cd $14.99
evil invaders -pulses of pleasure cd $12.99
exciter-long live the loud cd $12.99
exciter-unveiling the wicked cd $12.99
  eyehategod-take as needed for pain cd$13.99
eyehategod-Dopesick cd $14.99
eyehategod-10 years of abuse and still broke cd $10.00
eyehategod-confederacy of ruined lives cd $10.99
eyehategod-southern discomfort cd $10.99
exciter-heavy metal maniac cd $13.99
  exodus-bonded by blood cd $9.99
fates warning-awaken the guardian 3 cd $15.99
fates warning -the spectre within cd $12.99
Fear-the record cd -$11.99
  gamma ray-no world order cd $11.99
  grand supreme blood court-$14.99
ghost BC-INFESTISSUMAM cd (digipack)$13.99
ghost-if you have ghost ep $9.99
girlschool-London 1980 cd $13.99
girlschool-glasgow 1982 cd $13.99
gravedigger-return of the reaper 2 cd $15.99
Gravedigger Clans will Rise again (digipack w/ bonus trk) $14.99
Gravedigger-Clash Of The Gods cd $14.99
gravedigger-home at last cd ep $9.99
gruesome-savage land cd $12.99
  hallow's eve-history of terror  box $15.99
hawkwind-doremifasolatido cd $12.99
hawkwind-hall of the mountain grill $13.99
immortal-pure holocaust cd $14.99
immortal-battles in the north cd $14.99
incantation-onward to golgatha cd /dvd $14.99
in solitude -s/t cd$13.99
In Solitude-The Word, The Flesh... CD$13.99
in solitude-sister cd $13.99
Iron Maiden -s/t cd $15.99
iron angel-hellish crossfire cd $16.99
iron maiden-killers cd $15.99
iron man-generation  void cd/dvd$15.99
iron man-south of the earth cd $13.99
Iron Savior-The Landing Cd $13.99
judas priest-redeemer of souls cd $13.99
judas priest-redeemer of souls 2 cd $17.99
Katatonia-Brave Murder Day cd $9.99
Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance $11.99
Katatonia-Discouraged ones cd $9.99
Katatonia-For Funerals To Come cd $11.99
killer-shock waves cd w/ bonus tracks $15.99
King Diamond-The Eye cd $7.99
King Diamond -Them cd $7.99
king diamond -voodoo cd $13.99
kiss-Destroyer resurrected cd $12.99
kix-rock your face off cd $12.99
kreator-endless pain cd $12.99
kreator-coma of souls cd $10.99
kreator-terrible certainty cd $10.99
  Kreator-Phantom Antichrist cd/dvd $16.99
Love-forever changes cd $7.99
  manilla road-Invasion cd $14.99
  Manilla Road-Crystal Logic cd $13.99
Manilla Road-Courts of Chaos Cd 12.99
manilla road-mark of the beast cd $12.99
manilla road-playground of the damned $12.99
manilla Road Mysterium-cd $12.99
Mantas (Pre-Death) Death By Metal CD $13.99
Marduk-serpent sermon cd 14.99
mayhem-esoteric warfare cd $13.99
megadeth-countdown to extinction cd $7.99
megadeth-countdown to extinction live $7.99
  melvins -tres cabrones cd $13.99
mendes prey-never ending road cd $17.99
mercyful fate don't break the oath cd $14.99
metal church-s/t cd $9.99
  metal church-the dark cd $14.99
metal church-generation nothing cd $13.99
monster magnet-spine of god cd $12.99
moonspell-wolfheart cd 13.99
more-warhead cd $16.99
mortuary drape-tolling 13 knell cd w/ bonus tracks $13.99
motorhead-bad magic cd (digipack)$14.99
motorhead-aftershock-deluxe cd $14.99
  Motorhead-The World is ours live 2 cd /dvd $18.99
motorhead -Bomber cd $12.99
motorhead-overkill cd $12.99
motorhead -iron fist cd $12.99
motorhead -the many faces of Motorhead(compilation) 3 cd $11.99
motorhead-1916 cd $6.99
municipal waste-the fatal feast cd $14.99
necrophagist-epitath cd $13.99
no mercy cd$13.99
night demon-curse of the damned cd $12.99
  obituary-slowly we rot/cause of death cd $15.99
Onslaught-The Force cd $13.99
opeth-orchid cd $12.99
Onslaught-In Search Of sanity CD $13.99
orchid-the mouths of madness cd $14.99
Overkill-Feel The Fire Cd $14.99
Overkill Horrorscope Cd $10.99
Overkill-Taking Over cd 13.99
   Ozzy-diary of a madman  2 cd $16.99
pagan altar-Judgement of the dead cd $12.99
pagan altar-Mythical and Magical cd $12.99
paragon-force of destruction cd $13.99
pentagram-curious volume cd $14.99 
pentagram-first days here cd $12.99
Pentagram-Last Rites CD $13.99
pentagram-relentless cd $13.99
pentagram-day of reckoning cd $13.99
Pentagram-Be Forewarned cd$12.99
Pentagram-Sub Basement CD $12.99
Pentagram-Review Your Choices Cd $12.99
Pentagram- (US) When The Screams Come live DVD $17.99
Place of Skulls-The Black is never far cd $13.99
Place of Skulls-aS a dog returns cd $13.99
primal fear-delivdering the black cd/dvd $15.99
queensryche -s/t cd (special edition) $17.99
queensryche-the warning cd ( remastered w/bonus trx)$13.99
Rainbow-richie blackmores s/t cd $6.99
rainbow-long live rock n roll cd $6.99
rainbow-long live rock n roll 2 cd $21.99
rainbow-difficult to cure cd $8.99
rainbow-bent out of shape cd $7.99
rainbow- straight between the eyes cd $8.99
the Ramones-Rocket to russia cd $8.99
the Ramones-road to ruin cd $7.99
the ramones-brain drain cd $6.99
  razor-violent restitution cd $$16.99
reverend bizarre-in the rectory of the bizarre reverend cd $13.99
  Rose Tattoo-s/t LP bonus trx $12.99
rose tattoo-scarred for life cd $12.99
Rotting Christ -Non Serviam cd $9.99
  rotting christ -kata ton $14.99
roxxcalibur-gems of the NWOBHM cd $16.99
   Running Wild-Gates To Purgatory cd $17.99
Running Wild-The Final Jolly Roger live 2 cd $19.99
running wild -resilient cd $14.99
saint vitus-Lillie F-65 cd $13.99
Saint Vitus s/t cd $10.99
Saint vItus-"V" CD $13.99
samson-head on cd $13.99
  satan-life sentence cd $14.99
Savatage-Sirens+ The Dugeons are calling cd $15.99
saxon-battering ram cd $15.99
saxon -warriors of the road cd/dvd $14.99
Saxon-Heavy Metal Thunder 2 cd live $14.99
saxon -heavy metal thunder 2 cd dvd $16.99
Saxon-HM Thunder comp cd w live at Bloodstock 2014 disc  $9.99
saxon-uplugged and strung up cd $14.99
saxon-live in Germany 1991 cd $17.99
Scorpions-Virgin Killer cd $9.99 
scorpions-Lonesome Crow cd $6.99
Sepultura Morbid Visions/Bestial Devestation cd $8.99
sepultura-Schizophrenia cd $7.99
Sepultura-Beneath The remains CD $12.99
  sirenia-perils of the deep blue cd $13.99
slayer-repentless cd $12.99
slayer-hell awaits cd $11.99
slayer-decade of aggression 2 cd $10.99
slayer-undisputed attitude cd $6.99
sleep-sleeps holy mountain cd $14.99
sodom-in the sign of evil/obsessed by cruelty cd $$15.99
sodom-better off dead cd $12.99
sodom-tapping the vein cd $13.99
sodom-get what you deserve cd $12.99
sodom-marooned live $12.99
        Sodom-masquerade in blood cd  $12.99
sodom-epitome of torture cd $16.99
sodom-mortal way of live cd $12.99
sodom-lords of depravity 2 dvd $24.99
ssd-power cd $14.99
Jack Starr-Land of The Dead cd $14.99
suffocation-pinnacle of bedlam cd $13.99
sunn))) black one cd $13.99
tangerine dream-exit cd $12.99
tangerine dream thief cd $12.99
  tankard -Best Case Scenario CD $14.99
Tankard-Volume 14 CD $14.99
Tankard-A Girl called Creveza CD $8.99
Testament-dark Roots Of Earth cd special edition  $16.99
thin lizzy-s/t CD w bonus tracks $14.99
thin lizzy-shades of a Blue orphanage cd $14.99
Thin Lizzy-Fighting 2cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy-at the BBC 2 cd $19.99
Thin Lizzy -Black Rose 2 CD $27.99
Thin Lizzy -Chinatown 2 cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak 2cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak (regular version) $9.99
Thin Lizzy-Johnny The Fox 2 cd $27.99
Thin Lizzy Bad reputation CD w/ Bonus tracks! $14.99
Thin Lizzy-Thunder and Lightning cd $12.99
thor-metal avenger cd $15.99
thor unchained cd/dvd $20.99
thor-only the strong cd/dvd $20.99
thor-I am thor dvd-$21.99
thor-i am thor Blu-Ray $24.99
toxic holocaust-chemistry of consciousness cd $12.99
  Toxic Holocaust-Conjure and Command CD $14.99
triptykon-melana chasmata cd $14.99
trouble-the distortion field cd $14.99
Trouble-Run to the Light CD $9.99
type o negative-Bloody kisses cd $12.99
twisted tower dire-crest of the martyrs cd $13.99
twisted tower dire-make it dark cd $13.99
tygers of pan tang-ambush cd $14.99
  u.d.o. -steelhammer cd $14.99
U.D.O.-Rev Raptor cd $13.99
u.d.o.-live from russia 2 cd $14.99
u.d.o.-animal house expanded cd $14.99
u.d.o.-no limits cd (expanded) $14.99
u.d.o.-Time Bomb expanded cd $14.99
u.d.o.-man and machine cd (expanded)$14.99
u.d.o.-Holy cd (expanded) $14.99
UFO-Obsession- CD (2008)w/bonus trx $13,99
uncle acid and the deadbeats-bloodlust cd $13.99
uncle acid and the deadbeats-the night creeper cd $13.99
uncle acid and the deadbeats -mind control cd $13.99
unleashed-where no life dwells cd $9.99
unleashed-viking raids cd $11.99
uriah heep -demons and wizards cd  bonustracks $11.99
vader-welcome to the morbid reich cd $14.99
  Venom-Fallen Angels cd $13.99
venom -possesssed cd $11.99
vibrators-pure mania cd $6.99
Vio-Lence Eternal Nightmare 2 cd $15.99
virgin steele-Life among the ruins 2 cd $15.99
virgin steele-age of consent cd$15.99
W.A.S.P.-s/t /The last Command  cd $13.99
watain-the wild hunt cd $14.99
watain-sworn to the dark cd $13.99
witchcraft s/t cd $11.99
Witchcraft-Legend CD $14.99
witchcraft-firewood cd $11.99
witchfinder General-Death penalty cd $10.00

Restock CD's
Accept-Balls To The Wall $9.99
Accept-Restless and Wild CD $6.99
Accept -Metal heart CD $6.99
Amorphis-Tales from the Thousand Lakes CD $14.99
Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus w/ bonus trx CD $14.99
Armored Saint-March of the Saint CD $10.99
Angelwitch s/t CD 25th aniv edition  $14.99
Artillery-Fear Of Tommorow cd $17.99
Autopsy Severed Survival 2 cd  $15.99
Behemoth-Crom CD $13.99
Black Oak Arkansas-High On The hog CD$7.99
  B.O.C.-Secret Treaties CD (remaster , bonus trx )$6.99
B.O.C.-Spectres (remastered , bonus trx)$6.99
B.O.C. Extra terrestrial Live CD $6.99
B.O.C.-Mirrors CD $6.99
B.O.C.On Your Feet Or On Your Knees CD $6.99
Candlemass-Nightfall CD $13.99
Candlemass-Candlemass 2005 CD-$12.99
Candlemass _live CD $9.99 
Candlemass-Death Magic Doom CD $14.99
Captain Beyond CD s/t $9.99
 Carnivore- s/t w/ bonus trx CD $15.99
Cathedral-Endtyme CD $12.99
Celtic Frost -Morbid Tales CD $12.99
Celtic frost-To Megatherion CD $12.99
The Clash -Combat Rock CD $8.99
Coroner-Punishment For DecadenceCD $12.99
Danzig s/t CD $8.99
Danzig-Lucifuge CD $8.99
Darkthrone-Transylvanian Hunger CD $12.29
Darkthrone-Blaze In The Northern Sky cd $12.29
Darkthrone-Under a Funeral Moon cd $12.29
Destruction-Sentence of Death Infernal Overkill  CD $12.99
Destruction-mad Butcher/Eternal Devestation CD $12.99
destruction-Spiritual genocide cd $14.99
Dio-Holy Diver CD $9.99
Dio-Last In Line CD $9.99
Dio-Dream Evil CD $6.99
Dio-Lock Up The Wolves Cd $6.99
Dio-Killing The Dragon spec edition CD $15.99
Dio-Live at Donnington 2 cd$14.99
Electric Wizard-Dopethrone CD $14.99
Elf-S/t CD w/ Dio ! $6.99
Emperor-In The Nightside Eclipse CD $14.99
Eyehategod-In The name of Suffering (Reissue) CD $13.99
Eyehategod-Take as needed for pain(Reissue)$13.99
Eyehategod -Dopesick CD (Reissue) $13.99
Emperor -Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk CD $14.99
Gates Of Slumber-Hymns of Blood and Thunder cd $13.99
Gwar-Violence has arrived CD $11.99
Hellhammer-Demon Entrails 2cd $12.99
Immortal Battles In The North cd $13.99
Iron Maiden -Killers CD $15.99
Iron Maiden-Virtual XL CD $15.99
Judas Priest-Stained Class CD $9.99
Judas priest Point Of Entry CD $9.99
Kansas-s/t CD $6.99
Kansas-Song For America CD $6.99
Kansas-Masque CD $6.99
Kansas-Point Of No Return CD$9.99
Kansas-Audio Visions CD $6.99
Katatonia-Night Is The new Day $16.99
Katatonia-Brave Murder day $10.99
Killing Joke-s/t + Bonus tracks $13.99
Kreator-Endless Pain CD $12.49
Kreator-Terrible Certainty CD$12.29
Kreator-Extreme Aggression CD $12.49
Kreator-Pleasure To Kill CD $12.49
Kreator-Coma of Souls CD $12.99
Kyuss-Blues For the red Sun CD $11.99
Kyuss-Sky Valley CD $11.99
Macabre-Electric and Acoustic (2cd) $10.99
Mahhavishnu Orchestra-Between Nothing ness and Eternity CD $7.99
Mahavishnu Orchestra-Birds of Fire CD $9.99
Mahavishnu Orchestra -Visions Of The Emerald Beyond CD $7.99
Mahavishnu Orchestra -The Inner Mounting Flame CD $9.99
Mahavishnu Orchestra -Apocalypse CD $6.99
Manowar-Battle hymns CD $10.99
Manowar -The Triumph Of Steel CD $12.29
Manowar-Kings Of metal CD $9.99
Manowar-Louder Than Hell CD $9.99
Mercyful Fate-In The Shadows cd $12.49
Mercyful fate-Time CD $12.49
Mercyful fate-9 CD $12.49
Mercyful Fate -Into The Unknown CD $12.49
Mercyful Fate -Dead Again CD $12.49
Metal Church -s/t CD $9.99
Metal Church-The Dark CD $9.99
Motorhead s/t CD $13.99
Motorhead -Overkill cd $12.99 
Motorhead-Bomber CD $12.99 
Motorhead-Iron Fist CD $12.99
Motorhead-No Sleep Till Hammersmith CD$12.99
  Motorhead Ace of Spades cd $10.99
Motorhead-1916 CD $6.99
Motorhead-Sacrifice CD $13.99
Motorhead -Hammered CD $14.99
Motorhead-Live 1978 $13.99
Negative Approach-Total recall $13.99
Obituary-Slowly we Rot/Cause of Death 2CD $16.99
The Obsessed-Incarnate CD$13.99
The Obsessed-Lunar Womb CD $12.99
Onslaught -Power From HellCD $12.99
Onslaught-The Force CD $12.99
Overkill-Under The Influence CD $9.99
Overkill-The Years Of Decay CD $9.99
Overkill-Horrorscope CD $9.99
Paradise Lost-Lost Paradise cd $12.99
Paragon-Revenge cd $13.99
Paradise Lost-Shades Of God CD $12.99
Pentagram -Day Of Reckoning CD $12.49
Pentagram-Be Forewarned CD $12.49
  Rainbow-Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow cd $9.99
Rainbow-On Stage CD $9.99
Rainbow-Rising CD $9.99
Rainbow-Difficult To Cure CD $9.99
Razor-Violent Restitution CD $15.99
Ramones-Brain Drain CD $6.99
  Satyricon-Shadowthrone cd $13.99
Savatage-Hall of The Mountain King $11.99
Savatage-Streets CD $7.99
Sodom-Mortal Way Of Live CD $12.49
Sodom-M-16 CD $12.99
Savatage-Edge of Thorns CD $7.99
Sodom-In The Sign Of Evil/Obsessed By Cruelty CD $12.29
Sodom-M16 Testament-The Legacy CD $12.49
Tank Filth Hounds Of Hades$15.99
Tank Power Of The Hunter CD$15.99
Tank-Honour and Blood CD $15.99
Testament-The new Order CD $12.49
  Thin Lizzy-Shades of a Blue Orphanage CD  w/ bonus trx $14.99
Thin Lizzy -s/t CD  w/ bonus trx$14.99
Thin Lizzy Vagabonds of The Western World (2 cd) $25.99
  testament-the legacy cd $11.99
Testament-the new order cd $11.99
Thin Lizzy-Bad reputation $9.99
Thin Lizzy -Jailbreak Cd $9.99
trouble -run to the light cd $12.99
trouble-the distortion field cd $14.99
Type O Negative-Bloody Kisses CD $11.99
Venom-Welcome To Hell CD $12.49
Venom-Black Metal CD $12.49
Venom At War With Satan CD $12.29
Venom -Prime Evil CD $9.99
Violence -Eternal Nightmare 2 CD $15.99
VoiVod War and Pain cd $12.99
voivod-target earth cd $14.99
W.A.S.P.-s/t 1st + Last Command CD$14.99
W.A.S.P.The Sting/Helldorado 2 cd $13.99
W.A.S.P. The Crimson Idol 2 cd $11.99
Watain-Rabid death's Curse cd$13.99
Watain-Casis Luciferi $14.99
Witchburner-Final Detonation CD $12.99
Witchfinder general -Friends Of hell cd $10.99


  Emperor-Size L $10.00
Watain -size xl $15.00

DVD -Movies/Music Restocks
AC/DC-Let There be Rock $14.99
The Black Cat (Fulci)DVD 9.99
Color Me Blood Red DVD$9.99
Demonia (Fulci) DVD $9.99
Don't Torture a Duckling (Fulci) DVD $13.99
The Gore Gore Girls DVD $9.99
House That Dripped Blood DVD $13.99 (Hammer)
Just For the hell of it/Blast off Girls-DVD $9.99
Lemmy -49% M'fer 51% Bastard...2 DVD$22.99
Murder Rock-(Fulci) 2 dvd$14.99
New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci) $15.99
Rainbow-Live In Munich 1977 DVD $14.99
Rainbow-Rockin' Night Live in Japan 1984 $15.99
Rush-Beyond The Lighted Stage DVD $18.99
Sodom-Lords Of Depravity Pt 2 2 DVD $18.99
She devils On Wheels Special edition DVD $9.99
Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror 2 dvd $14.99
Wizard of Gore DVD $9.99
zappa-a token of his extreme dvd $14.99


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